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Alert! Alert! Alert! After pay donation, please don't forgot to place "Transaction Hash ID" on the required field (Given Box) on Upgrade page. Then system will verify your payment automatically. Otherwise system does not recognize your payment. To know step by step process of Transaction Hash ID, please "CLICK HERE" Alert! Alert! Alert!

Steps to Paste(Update) "Transaction Hash ID"

STEP - 1

  • Click the "Upgrade" button.

STEP - 2

  • Pay the "ADMIN FEE PAYMENT" donation to the specified bitcoin wallet id, which is mentioned on that page with exact amount.


  • REMEMBER: Pay "ADMIN FEE PAYMENT" donation and sponsor donation (payment) which is mentioned in the upgrade page specified wallets with exact showing amount. Use "Click to Copy Wallet Address" and "Click to Copy Amount" to copy the exact wallet id and exact amount (payment or donation). Or "scan the QR-Code" to pay with the mobile phone.

STEP - 3

  • Copy the exact bitcoin id and amount using "Click to Copy Wallet Address" and "Click to Copy Amount" options on upgrade page.

STEP - 4

  • Paste the copied "Exact Bitcoin Wallet ID and donation amount" to your bitcoin wallet to send "Admin Donation".

STEP - 5

  • If you need it "Add Description:" or leave as a blank, because that is optional.

STEP - 6

  • Check once again "Bitcoin Wallet ID" and "Donation Amount" with the upgrade page to confirm on Step 2.

STEP - 7

  • Click "Send" button to pay the "ADMIN FEE PAYMENT" donation.

STEP - 8

  • Click "SENT" button on your wallet with the above payment.

STEP - 9

  • Click the below mentioned button in image to copy the "Transaction Hash ID".

STEP - 10

  • Copy that showing "Transaction Hash ID" carefully.

STEP - 11

  • "Paste that Hash ID" on upgrade page in the given box of Transaction Hash ID.

STEP - 12

  • Click the Submit button to verify "ADMIN FEE PAYMENT" donation.

STEP - 13

  • Now proceed payment (donation) to your Sponsor (Upline or Referrer).

STEP - 14

  • Repeat above mentioned steps from 2 to 11 to pay donation (payment) to your sponsor.

STEP - 15

  • Click the Submit button to verify "Sponsor Donation (payment)" donation.

STEP - 16

  • Now wait for atleast 1 bitcoin confirmation to change your account level or status.

STEP - 17

  • After 1 bitcoin confirmation, your account status is changed to "Level 1 - Bronze Team Leader".

STEP - 18

  • Now promote your referral link to get your donations instantly and build your team to get high profits using "Promotion Tools" tab.


  • *****Now you are the official member of Small BTC family, Enjoy the Small BTC donation system.*****
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