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This is very important agreement between Small BTC and member (user). You should agree by these T & C and we may change in future without any intimation. So it is your responsibility to review T & C periodically. We are not giving any warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied. If user (member) didn’t agree with our Terms & Conditions, then you can immediately quit (leave) our website and don’t use our services.


  • Your password must be kept in secret from others. We store it an irreversible format. Your account protection is your responsibility.
  • You should use only one account. If we detect any attempt to create more than one account will may lead your account termination immediately, so be careful.


  • You refer only 2 people, after that 2 people all joined members using your referral link should be adjust automatically on your 1st non-completed blank matrix position.
  • You can get all your 6 level referrals upgrade (renewal) donations automatically to your bitcoin account which is saved in your account.
  • Small BTC will not modify any user (member) sponsor name upon request. Sponsor name change requests will be ignored.


  • You should understand and clarify all your doubts before join. Your direct promoter (sponsor or upliner) knows all information about Small BTC working process.
  • We don’t send any payments directly to the members. It is purely member to member donations program. If down level member upgrade to any level and pay that level upgrade donation, then you receive that donations (profits) from your down line member BTC address to your BTC address automatically.
  • All donations should receive via Bitcoin only, no other payment methods will be accepted.


  • Each attempt to hack the system will be logged.
  • Small BTC will be monitoring all hacking attempts and terminate such type of accounts without any intimation.
  • Any attempts of piracy will lead to account suspension immediately.


  • Small BTC have the right to suspend any account at any time for a valid reason.
  • If a member irritate or force to give refund from admin or Small BTC employees will lead to account suspension.
  • We will remove completely in our database if a member (user) failing to upgrade Standard Member to Bronze Team Leader by donating 0.02 BTC (0.01 BTC for admin maintenance donation and 0.01 BTC for your direct sponsor) will caused to remove your account automatically within 48 hours.
  • If user fails to upgrade standard member to admin maintenance donation, then user account automatic removal time is 48 hours. So please upgrade before 48 hours to save your account.
  • After activate account, if user fails to upgrade Bronze Team Leader (1st level), then user account automatic removal time is 48 hours. So after activation of your account, please upgrade before 48 hours to save your account.
  • If your account is removed on any reason in any case, then you’re welcome to join again if you are interested with same email.
  • If any user (member) tries to harm our program in anyway then we may suspend such type of member account immediately without any intimation. Before take any action against the member we will examine all the allegations.
  • If any member is caught by cheating or duplication of our system, then Small BTC reserves the right to move that such type of cheated member accounts down to the matrix or may suspend such type of cheated accounts.


  • Members are allowed to ask donation refund request to the respected sponsor only on direct, if that specific sponsor personally accepts your refund then you can get refund.
  • Administrator or Employees not involve in refunds.
  • In any case, admin fee is non-refundable.


  • Small BTC will not be liable for any kind of delays or failures that are not directly related to the Small BTC i.e. out of our control.
  • Small BTC is not responsible for any income taxes in your country for all received donations from our website. It is your responsibility to pay your country taxes.


  • We are not allowed to use any other website referral links, URLs etc in our website. If you try to promote (use) any website URLs or links, then we will suspend such type of accounts immediately without any intimation. Also such type of member disqualify from receiving all donations and rollover (spillover) new signups.
  • We strictly prohibited following actions from our members like other websites URLs posting, pornography, warez, pirated software, hacking (spamming) software and any behaviors like violence, hated, revenge, racism, victimization, criminal activity etc.
  • We have all rights reserved like add or remove features, modify any functionality, change plans and memberships etc.


  • Enjoy giving and receiving donations on Small BTC, also achieve your financial freedom very easily.
  • Join fast and move fast to achieve your final 6th level.
  • Receive (Take) your 6 levels donations without fail on every month.
Best wishes from the Small BTC Team
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