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Alert! Alert! Alert! After pay donation, please don't forgot to place "Transaction Hash ID" on the required field (Given Box) on Upgrade page. Then system will verify your payment automatically. Otherwise system does not recognize your payment. To know step by step process of Transaction Hash ID, please "CLICK HERE" Alert! Alert! Alert!

Small BTC is a member to member monthly small donation plan.
Yes, Small BTC is available in all countries and anyone can join with an internet connection.
No, if you want profits - you should upgrade from Standard Member to Bronze Level Team Leader by donating total 0.02 BTC (admin & 1st level donation).
Now your account status is a free member with 48 hours timer. After pay admin maintenance donation 0.01 BTC and 1st level subscription payment 0.01 BTC, after 1 bitcoin confirmation account will be Active.
48 hours, if you fail to pay admin maintenance donation within 48 hours after verify your email id, then system will remove your account automatically when timer hits 0(Zero).
Names of 6 levels are Bronze Team Leader, Silver Team Leader, Emerald Team Leader, Gold Team Leader, Platinum Team Leader and Diamond Team Leader.
Just 0.01 BTC and admin payment approved instantly. Members are not need to wait for confirmations. After admin donation (payment) 0.01 BTC, you should need to donate your 1st Level (Bronze Team Leader) 0.01 BTC within 48 hours timer, otherwise our system will remove your account automatically.
After 1 confirmation 1st Level subscription donation 0.01 BTC, your id is eligible to receive spillover (free referrals under your matrix).
Yes, you should upgrade (renew) each Level subscription on every 30 days time period i.e. you should upgrade your account on every month (before 30 days) by donating respected subscription donations like 0.01 BTC, 0.015 BTC, 0.03 BTC, 0.05 BTC, 0.1 BTC and 0.2 BTC inorder to receive all levels total income like 0.02 BTC, 0.06 BTC, 0.24 BTC, 0.8 BTC,  3.2 BTC and 12.8 BTC in every month without fail. Not need to pay admin fee every month, admin fee paid once in every 365 days (1 year).
After donate (pay) 0.02 BTC i.e. admin donation 0.01 BTC and 1st level (Bronze Team Leader) monthly donation 0.01 BTC, you are welcomed (entered) into the system (matrix) to start your business initially.
Your account will be removed automatically within 48 hours if you fail to pay admin maintenance donation and 1st Level (your sponsor) donation.
Still you can promote (use) your same referral link on blogs, websites, free advertisement sites to place referrals under your matrix 1st blank position. In this way you can achieve your final President level very fast and/or try to help your down level members to find their 2 people to grow your team. If you use trick you can achieve your final President level on high speed. This option is mostly useful for who maintain websites or blogs and who are willing to promote our website through their referral link on some advertising sites.
No problem at all, you can click REGISTER button, then we can allot randomly selected Upliner (Sponsor or Promoter) automatically to complete your Registration process.
It is the date of your next month donation payment for that specific levels and admin donation is due. Donation payments are should pay on every month (30 days) before to maintain your account smoothly. Our suggestion is never miss any donations inorder to receive your all 10 levels down donations properly.
Small BTC is a monthly subscription platform. When you upgrade to 1st level (Bronze Team Leader), then you are paying your 1st month subscription payment to your direct promoter (direct upliner) or 1st Bronze Level Team Leader (Your direct promoter or Upliner). Exactly 5 days before of 30 days, the second month subscription payment is due, you will see a "Pay Now" button again. The simple answer is there is no difference. Means you have 5 days time will be there to pay that specific level renewal donation. It is just your first payment to your direct promoter (upliner or sponsor) made through the "Upgrade to Bronze Team Leader (1st Level) Membership" and all other subsequent subscription payments (renewal donations) are made through the "Pay Now" button.
Good question, well a pyramid scheme means only the top members of the team get profits. But in Small BTC allows every member to earn the same amount by doing the same work. You can receive many donations on each member (user or referral) and also each month. This is a simple monthly donation plan, small work & high profits on each month. So in that fact Small BTC is a genuine & fair system.
We accept only Bitcoin Wallet and most recommended wallet is BlockChain (
6 down levels referrals are send all donation amounts (payments) to the 6 up level promoters direct bitcoin addresses only. 6 up level promoters should automatically receive all 6 down levels donations instantly. There is no need to place withdrawal request to receive donations from your all 6 down levels. No more waiting for payments, no more waiting for hourly or daily or weekly or monthly payments, no more waiting for bank holidays and no more fake transactions. Small BTC system is fully automated.
Not necessary, for security reasons blockchain bitcoin address continuously changed when you receive a payment. But blockchain should save that previous amount received Bitcoin address in your account. So if you use same bitcoin address there is no problem at all. All payments should receive to your previously used bitcoin address also without any problem and showed that payments in your blockchain bitcoin wallet. But our suggestion is you can change your bitcoin address atleast once a week to hide your transactions from others, so that no one can track your bitcoin transactions. This is only a suggestion from us, if didn’t like our suggestion, simply you can ignore this suggestion and use same previously bitcoin address life time for receiving donations.
All donations are done from between member to member, so refund mostly not possible, but try to ask your upliner (promoter or sponsor) for refunds if they agree, you can get refund.
Yes, don't use any duplication process of our system. For example, a personal account under your first account. This is considered Duplication. This is a very bad practice and we can suspend such type of accounts immediately without any proper intimation.
You can create easily in online. Highly recommended Bitcoin wallet is at or
No, You can upgrade to the next level at any time and so in this way you don't miss any donations coming from your 6 down levels. If needed, even single day (within 48 hours) also you can upgrade your all 6 levels.
Yes, you started a monthly subscription for each level on every month. If you want to continue or receive monthly donations from each & every month from your all 6 levels, you should need to pay or renew your monthly Subscription for each level to qualify. If you fail to pay monthly subscription donation, then your account will be suspended automatically and all 6 down levels donations should go (bypass) to the top level promoters, so you should pay attention to pay your monthly renewal donations before 30 days time period i.e. before a month.
Yes, Everyone have their own unique experience in the system. If anyone don’t want the miss their donations from down level members, upliner should upgrade fast (1st) before the down level member, otherwise all donations coming from your down level members will go automatically (bypass) to the next eligible upliner, so that this is the promoter (upliner) responsibility to manage their whole team and upgrades properly, please remember.
Max you should need to find your own 2 people to join under you using your referral link. Don't over expect on rollovers or spillovers.
There are two reasons. 1) You should need to be signed out. 2) You should need to use the proper link of the person you want to sign up with. If you see the Admin link then you've not followed the previous 2 rules or you might need to clear your cookies and try once again.
It may happen that you selected the wrong Hash ID when you upgraded or you did not follow the safe rule of only using to make your donation in the program.
If your monthly subscriptions arrears, If customer fails to pay renewal admin fee or 1st level to 6th level sponsors (promoters) donations within 30 days, after time hits 0, account will be suspended automatically and all 6 down levels donations should go (bypass) to the top level promoters, So you should pay attention to pay your 6 levels subscription renewal donations before 30 days time period i.e. before a month. So don't get skipped!
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